Reakash A. Walters

I met a woman one day on the bus. She has been married to her husband for 53 years. I asked her the secret to a successful marriage and she said, “Communicate. Communicate well. Communicate often.”

My name is Reakash, and I’m a professional communicator. I currently live in snowy Edmonton, AB Canada and work on the communication’s team for Alberta’s first New Democrat Government Caucus. I am passionate about community and social justice initiatives. I strive to encourage human connection all around me. This city has grown inside of me–that’s why I’ve used my skill to improve the images of local magazines, festivals, political campaigns and now the government of Alberta. I am grateful for my education and experience. Without them, I would not be the confident writer that I am.

I invite you to explore my website, read my blog posts, and provide any feedback that comes to mind. Be well! 


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